Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Beauty Haul

Between my husband's gifts he gave me, all the new drugstore products in stores, and the CVS beauty sale, I stocked up on lots of beauty products this Christmas. Here is what I received/bought for myself!

I will be doing reviews on most of the products soon.
Drugstore goodies

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Makeup bag: travel edition

Christmas break means four days home in West Tennessee. I used to bring two makeup bags full of makeup but decided to trim that amount down for a few reasons...
1. I never wore it all
2. Makeup is pretty heavy to pack
3. I would end up leaving things and my lovely little sister would gain new products

Friday, December 21, 2012

Hearts and Darts 12.21.12

My hometown newspaper has a special section called "Hearts and Darts" published each Saturday. Readers can send things in and categorize them as hearts and darts. Hearts are positive things like a group volunteering or a stranger who went out of their way to help someone. Darts are obviously negative things like a neighbor who hit the mailbox and didn't tell or an action that was observed and deemed inappropriate. I will publish my own Hearts and Darts each Friday. I would love for you to 
share your's in the comment section, too!

  • Starting Weight Watchers again- I signed up for WW (again) on Monday and am ready to commit to the program 100% in 2013.
  • Random conversations with strangers- For some reason strangers feel the need to talk to me a lot. This can prove to be creepy at times but sometimes it's sweet. On Wednesday I was walking into CVS and had a man stop me to ask me about my car and tell me a story about how his parents only drove Chevys. It's nice to be able to converse with strangers and leave with a smile on your face.
  • Ugg boots- I found a pair of Ugg's Leland boots for $89.99, tax-free, with free shipping. I am beyond ecstatic  I know Uggs aren't the most fashionable shoes, but they are super comfy and I get my money's worth with them. My only other Ugg boots are a pair of the short, yellow suede ones I found at TJ Maxx in high school. I still wear them six years later.
  • Mini vacation- Steven and I went to Nashville last weekend to catch up on shopping and to the Rockette's perform. Mini vacations with no fur babies are the greatest.
  • Negativity- It's the holidays. Lighten up a little.
  • Driving- Can I hire a personal chauffeur for 2013? I hate driving with a passion.
  • Paleness- I need some sunless tanner in my life but am way too lazy to apply it every few days.
  • Munch- I own a 65 pound pit mix named Munch. His original name was Munchies. Munch loves to munch on stuff. Go figure, right? Good-bye two pairs of glasses, one Hobo wallet, countless pillows, plastic cups, and pens.