Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Advocare Experience.

My initial thoughts about AdvoCare:
Before AdvoCare (L) vs. recent picture
When the AdvoCare craze first hit my Facebook newsfeed I just kept scrolling. I was happy at my weight. I had clothes that fit. I was busy with a full-time job and going to school full-time. Fast forward a couple of months after being told by a few doctors that I had to lose weight. My blood pressure was too high and I even had to get my birth control changed because of my chance of blood clots due to my weight.

One of my sorority sisters, Katie, sold AdvoCare so I messaged her and told her I was interested. This was only after I read probably 50-60 blog posts about AdvoCare and specifically the 24 Day Challenge. After talking with Katie about it I decided it was time to do the 24 Day Challenge. After picking out all of my flavors, getting the meal plan and directions, and lots of support from Katie, I was ready to start!
The 24 Day Challenge:

Before I get to the actually challenge I would like to talk about one aspect of the program that held me back from my final decision--money. The 24 Day Challenge costs $190.25 plus S&H. Did that scare me? Yes. Would I pay it again? ABSOLUTELY. I would and I am. After completing the challenge and falling in love with the products I even signed up as a Distributor to sell products and get a 20% discount for myself!
Before the challenge started Katie provided me with a meal plan and direction guide that told me what I could eat, what I could not eat, and when I should eat and take the products. I printed it off and kept it in my purse at all times. You are eating almost 100% clean during the challenge. So no processed, fried, or bad foods. No alcohol. No sodas. They even recommend no bread. Did I stick with it 100%? No. I let a wedding sway my decisions for two days. However, I don't regret it. Celebrating a best friend's wedding was worth it. BUT I can't wait to stick with my next challenge 100%.
So....could I of lost weight by myself? Hmmm, maybe. However, spending that money, having a step-by-step instruction guide that laid out how to use the products and what to eat, as well as having a strong support system held me accountable and gave me the push to lose more than I ever thought was possible.
My First 24 Day Challenge:

I started my challenge on October 23, 2013 and finished it on November 15, 2013.

I received the following products for the 24 Day Challenge:
  • Herbal Cleanse
  • OmegaPlex
  • Spark Energy Drink Mix
  • Metabolic Nutrition System
  • Meal Replacement Shake mixes
I also purchased Catalyst as an add-on item after Katie's recommendation.

The challenge is divided into two parts. Part 1 is the Cleanse Phase (Days 1-10). The cleanse helps you get rid of toxins in your body so you can absorb the nutrients you need to be healthy and shed the pounds. Please do not let the word "cleanse" scare you. My stomach is very, very sensitive and reacts to things very quickly. I was so nervous that I would be running to the bathroom during work or school. This never happened. Not to be gross but my bathroom habits became more regular thanks to the cleanse.

The actual Herbal Cleanse includes probiotic pills, a fiber drink, and herbal cleanse tablets.

Part 2 is the Max Phase (Days 11-24). During this time you drink the Meal Replacement Shakes for breakfast and take Metabolic Nutrition System pills.
My Thoughts After the Challenge:

Was it hard? At times, yes. Especially when I was eating my chicken and broccoli in my office and my students were eating Chick-Fil-A or Moe's.

Did I lose any weight? YES!!!

Here were my starting and finishing weights-- 227.8 vs. 218.8. Nine pounds gone. Even better? 15.25 inches gone!

Of course if you don't continue eating good and working out you will gain the weight back. That's what happened to me. I let myself go a bit during Thanksgiving and Christmas (I gained back 6 of those pounds) but started again on January 1st. I continued to use my favorite Advocare products and used my 24 Challenge meal plan to start over. Since January 1st I have lost 18 pounds and another 13 inches.

So let's get the negatives out of the way---
What I didn't like about the Challenge:
  • Pills--I hate taking pills. Some of the pills are HUGE. Katie gave me great advice and told me to tilt my head forward when taking pills. It actually works.
  • Food portions--It was tough for me to finish all my food. I wasn't used to eating such large portions of clean food. At times I had to make myself chew.
What I got out of the Challenge other than lost pounds and inches:
  • Stomach problems were gone! My stomach never hurt or bothered me. Now whenever I eat something heavy or really processed I have to go the bathroom immediately.
  • A love for water! During the Challenge it is recommended to drink a gallon of water a day. I now have to have water at all times. My skin is clearer and I never get headaches.
What's Next?
I'm beginning my second challenge on Monday, March 24! My best friend and I are hosting a fun Challenge competition for all of those who compete. If you are interested in our competition or just AdvoCare in general please email me at
I'd love to talk about my experience and answer any questions.
Also, I will be blogging about my 24 day experience. Soon I will also be writing a post about my favorite AdvoCare products and how I use them.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

A life update: school, jobs, weight-loss, etc.

I haven't posted anything in months. I'm alive. I still love makeup.
BUT I am one busy girl.
This semester marks my LAST semester of grad school. If I pass all of my classes I will be walking across the stage on May 3, 2014 with a fake diploma in hand. Exactly a week later I'll be turning 25 and running a 4 mile race.
Running? Excuse me? Yep. One of my goals for 2014 is to finally be healthy and shed all those pounds that have been holding me back from living a healthy life. So far I'm 18 pounds down! I've completed one 5K race, am running another one next Saturday, then a four mile race in May. I have been doing a couple of things to lose and keep the weight off:
  • Working out daily. I make sure I move in some way whether it's at the gym or walking Munch around our neighborhood.
  • Eating clean 70/30 perfect of the time. Yes, I slip up. Yes, I go out to eat. However, my food preferences are changing.
  • Keeping myself accountable by posting pictures and updates on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Taking new trusty Advocare products and trying new Advocare products. My next post will be all about Advocare!
As for work I am currently working as a teacher's assistant at a local middle school three days a week, graduate assistant at UTC, and virtual assistant for two bloggers.
Add in being a wife, fur baby mama, friend, and sorority advisor....well my time is limited. However, I am going to try and start blogging at least once a week from now on.
How is everyone?