Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Anniversary Weekend

Steven and I celebrated our 6 year dating anniversary (I will continue to keep counting no matter what people say) on April 7th and our 1 year wedding anniversary on April 14. He surprised me (seriously surprised me) by planning us a trip to Atlanta for the weekend! His sister and her boyfriend, as well as one of our friends in Chattanooga, were all nice enough to watch Munch for the weekend and Monday while we were gone. Thank you Susie, Brandon, and John!!!

Our first stop in Atlanta was the World of Coke. After our honeymoon in Cancun last year we spent a few days in Atlanta and I got to experience World of Coke for the first time. This time around was no different than the first but it was fun to walk around and check out all the exhibits, as well as taste all the Coke products! I was ecstatic to see that they had Fruitopia. That was my favorite drink in middle school! 

That night we ate at BGR The Burger Joint and saw 42 at the movies. If you haven't seen 42 then I highly recommend it! It is the story of Jackie Robinson's start in professional baseball. Even cooler is the fact that a lot of the baseball scenes were filmed at Engel Stadium here in Chattanooga! The field is about 2 minutes from my work. 

On Sunday I received an even bigger surprise when I noticed two concert tickets on the bathroom sink. Steven bought me tickets to see ANDREW MCMAHON!!! Andrew, the lead singer of Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin, is my all-time favorite musician  I was really bummed that I missed him last Wednesday in Nashville due to school and I thought I was missing him in Atlanta, too. 

Before the concert we went shopping! I picked up a few pieces of jewelry at Macy's and then spent the majority of my time at Lush. Atlanta's store is the closet Lush to Chattanooga, so I was so happy to pick up some favorites and new items.

Later, we headed to The Loft to see Andrew perform. It was a smaller venue, which I love, and we stayed towards the back so we could see the entire stage and him. His concerts are like religious experiences for me. I drunk way too much, danced to every song, and of course belted out all the lyrics. Unfortunately, both our phones and camera died before the show was over, but we did get a few pictures and videos!

We headed back to Chattanooga Monday. Even though we were both tired from going all weekend we had enough energy to go see Luke Bryan perform at Track29. The show was for charity and Luke played with his guitar and one other guy the entire set. It was a great show but didn't compare to Andrew McMahon. Maybe I'm a little biased....

Thank you so much, Steven, for spoiling me all weekend!


  1. Happy anniversaries!! Sounds like a great weekend, how sweet of him to surprise you!

  2. Happy anniversary! Seems like you two had an awesome time!