Wednesday, June 12, 2013

May 2013 Empties/Throwaways/Annoyances

Products I used up:
  • Pantene Nature Fusion Shampoo & Conditioner: My hair came out clean and moisturized after each wash. Nothing to complain about.
  • Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo: I have liked all the NYM brand products that I have tried including this one. I do prefer the Got2Be brand's dry shampoo over this one though.
  • Dove Refresh+Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo: I loved the smell of this but it might be too strong for those with sensitive noses. It has a very clean, laundry like scent. It did an okay job at soaking up the oils in my hair. I probably wouldn't repurchase unless I got it on sale.
  • Rubbing alcohol: I use 91% rubbing alcohol to clean my makeup brushes every week.
  • Bath and Body Works Winter Cranberry hand soap: This is obviously leftover from winter smells. I love the cranberry scent and would repurchase during the winter time.
  • Mini baby powder: I like to use a bit of baby powder as dry shampoo/root volumizer. I have pretty dark hair but it disappears once it is either combed through the hair or messed up by my hands.
  • Mini Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response antiperspirant/deodorant: I received this from a past VoxBox from Influenster and fell in love with the scent and lasting power of this deodorant. The citrus scent lingers throughout the day and the formula kept my dry all day long. I will definitely repurchase. The only negative to this product is that is it kind of hard to remove when showering. I used a gentle scrub under my arms before shaving each time.
  • Mini Origins Modern Friction scrub: I reviewed the individual product and the kit I got this from here. I would repurchase if I was using a gift card. I just can't justify paying more than a few bucks for a scrub since I can make my own with sugar and coconut oil.
  • Lush Ocean Salt body/face scrub: I love this stuff. Some people say it's too harsh but it doesn't bother me at all. I like to use it on my face and all over my body before sunless tanning. I would repurchase next time I travel to a Lush store. For some reason I don't feel bad splurging on this stuff.
  • EOS shave cream: You really can use this stuff on dry or wet skin like the product claims. It's a straight cream that doesn't foam up. I like the pump bottle, too. I would repurchase this.
Revlon Eyelash Curler: This did absolutely NOTHING for my lashes. It didn't matter how soft or hard I closed the handle, it wouldn't do anything. I'll stick with my cheap but wonderful ELF one.

Mascaras: I honestly thought something was wrong with my eyelashes when none of these mascaras worked on me. The worse one--Physician's Formula Organic Wear. It made my lashes look shorter and thinner than when no mascara was on them. Both of the Rimmel Scandal Eyes smudges on my lower and upper eyelids. The L'Oreal Black Smoke Power Volume also smudged and went on like I had spider lashes. The three minis from Smashbox, Korres, and Benefit also did little for my lashes.


Physician's Formula Eye Definer Felt-Tip Eye Marker: This was an easy to use felt tip liner that didn't smudge or flake off. CVS normally has good sales on PF products, so I will repurchase.

Maybelline brow pencil: This color (name rubbed off) was more too red to look natural on me. I used about half of it before decided to chunk it.

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer: Heavy Duty correctly describes this concealer. You need a small dot to cover any blemishes or undereye circles. I got mine a few years ago and it started to smell funny, so I chunked it. I will repurchase once I use up my MUFE Full Coverage Concealer which is very similar but for a much higher price tag.

Do you have an empties post from the month of May? Please link your post below! They are some of my favorites to read.


  1. two empties are the zum brand soaps, a face and body wash. I liked the face wash better than the body wash and both smelled AMAZING because a high quantity of essential oil but I like theraneem and alaffia's soaps better. I'm a secret all-natural soap fetishist...even though I think humans can really go without all soap except for our hands!

    Oh, and the zum soaps "watered down" really really well. I'm sure you add water to a product when it's almost out too out of desperation ;) haha!

  2. I can't wait to start incorporating all-natural products to replace all these products I'm using up. Have you read No More Dirty Looks? I'm checking it out at my library when it is available.

    I add water to products or cut off the tops to get all the product out!

  3. I love empties posts. I've saving some empties up right now to do a post :)

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  4. Sam - DIY HuntressJune 13, 2013 at 5:38 PM

    I love dry shampoo, but I haven't tried the NYM brand yet. I'll have to! So glad to have stumbled upon a fellow blogger who is also in graduate school. Hope you'll keep in touch! I'm following now!

    xo Sam
    DIY Huntress

  5. ocean salt is quite harsh but I love the oil residue it leaves behind. every once in a while your skin really needs that tough treatment to slough off all that dead skin!

  6. You're not crazy - none of those mascaras work on me either!

  7. Good to know! I seriously thought my lashes were falling out or something crazy like that.

  8. I love using it before shaving because my skin feels so smooth after!

  9. Just followed you:)

  10. I can't wait to read the post! Empties posts are my favorite.

  11. I love that book, one of my favorites. I cut products open, too!

  12. I'll make sure to let you know when I do!

  13. I have to try more Hard Candy products because I haven't really heard much about them... and oh no! I just bought the Benefit Bad Gal Lash, I hope it works for my eyelashes!

    I enjoyed this post I'm now following you :) Can't wait to read more in the future!
    -B ♡