Friday, July 5, 2013

Incognito Bachelorette Party

This past weekend one of my sorority pledge class sisters had her bachelorette party in Nashville. I headed there Friday night to stay with three of my best friends at one of their childhood homes. It's been quite a while since we were all together so I was ecstatic to see them all! 

We started the night with dinner and the best margaritas I have ever had at Rosepepper. Seriously, if you are ever in Nashville you have to stop by. I'm not a huge marg drinker but I could have downed at least 2 pitchers. Thankfully that didn't happen.

We then headed to a marina bar in Hendersonville for another drink before heading home. While we were at the bar I sneaked a picture of a girl in the bathroom with no shoes. No wonder people think we are all rednecks and barefoot....

The next day we woke up to a home cooked breakfast from Melissa's parents (so sweet and so yummy), went shopping, and were completely lazy until we had to start getting ready for the actual bachelorette celebrations.

I ended up wearing a brand new dress Ashley got at Target and Maybelline's Vivid Colors lipstick in Vivid Rose. That stuff is BRIGHT and will not budge. I'm in love. There will be a blog post soon with lots of photos and swatches.

Now on to the bachelorette festivities....we started with dinner and drinks and a lingerie shower for Brooke at a restaurant in Green Hills. I'm pretty positive everyone in the restaurant got a show with some of the gifts she received.

When then put on our masks, which were part of the Incognito theme, and headed downtown for lots of drink, dancing, celebrating, and embarrassing photos and videos that will never be shared on social media or the internet. 

I had an amazing time catching up with sorority sisters and friends that I never get to see anymore. I had an even better time going out with all the crazy girls. Seriously though, 25+ girls in Nashville, Tennessee is a funny, chaotic sight.

The best part of the weekend--I get to see them all again in two weeks for Brooke's wedding!

Now on to the Rated G photos that I can share....

Sue and me

Ashley and Sue
Ashley and me

Melissa, Ashley, and Sue with the cookie cake Melissa's parents bought us:)

I LOVE this lipstick.
The crew before dinner.
Ashley and me at dinner.
The bride to be with her cat toy Ashley and I bought her....long story....
Sue, Melissa, and me at Honky Tonk.
My favorite photo of the night! Like how I am magically wearing a necklace I wasn't wearing before...perks of being with sorority sisters. Thanks, Liz!
Everyone at dinner!


  1. Looks fun! I was noticing that necklace! Lol I was like "oh I love that dress!" And then I was like "wait...something is different!"
    Anyways cute pics, love the dress, and the lipstick, what color is it??

  2. Haha yes I love midnight outfit changes :).

    The lipstick is Maybelline Vivids Vivid Rose. I am obsessed with it!

  3. This looks like such a fun weekend! I love that lipstick too, it's gorgeous! Great choice.

    I can't believe that girl wore no shoes in a public bathroom, I think if you didn't have photographic evidence I would have had a hard time believing it! Outrageous!

    Zoe xx

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