Friday, March 1, 2013

Hearts and Darts 3.1.13


  • Work vacation- I was in Kansas City, MO for the past week for a college bookstore trade show. It's always nice to get away from the office for a while. Even though I was working my company's booth it was fun to connect with my coworkers, eat lots of yummy food, and have a king size bed all to myself. No snoring husband. No purring cats. No fidgeting dog. Plus, I got to see like 1.5 feet of snow! All looking. No touching. Snow is not my thing.
  • George Strait- Tonight Steven, his parents, and I are heading to Knoxville to watch George Strait perform in his farewell tour. He's one of our favorite country singers. I mean he's a legend! We surprised Steven's parents with tickets and I'm so excited to see how happy Steven's mom will be at the show.
  • Glitter tips- A glitter accent nail is cute, but I like glitter tips a bit more. I like to use a nude polish like Essie's Topless and Barefoot as a base and some kind of glitter dabbed on the nail tips. Right now I'm wearing Essie's Like Linen and Stroke of Brilliance together. My favorite part? The glitter helps keep your polish from chipping!

  • Middle seats on planes- Me and planes just don't mix. I get terribly sick and tend to have bad luck with connections and the airlines changing my flights without telling me...which all three happened this weekend. On my way back to Chattanooga I had a flight from Kansas City to Atlanta. They changed my flight and I made it just in time to realize I was sitting in the dreaded middle seat. I'm not totally against that until the other two flyers decide to take up the arm rests leaving me awkwardly trying not to touch them. Was it so hard to give me at least one arm rest?!?
  • Sookie Stackhouse series- I just don't know if I can keep reading the series that True Blood is loosly based off. Sookie is already an annoying character on the show. In the books she is 4324234 times worse. She is so conceited and pretty dumb. Not sure if I want to keep wasting my time.
  • School anxiety- For some reason I get so nervous when I need to meet with a teacher about a paper or project, especially when they have already sent me some feedback. I am taking an individual studies class about finance in the public administration field and I feel as though I'm a bit over my head in it. I worried all week long about meeting my teacher and in the meeting he acted like I was doing pretty good. Why do I feel like I need to worry? I really have to work on that.
I hope you all have had a great week! What were your Hearts and Darts?

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