Friday, February 15, 2013

Hearts and Darts 2.15.13


  • Plum/fushia lips- I have been reaching for plum or fushia lip colors all week. They add color to my face without making me look crazy at work. For the fushia, I just dab it on. But on the weekends it full on. I actually stained my lips from applying so much Saturday night. Oopsies. My go-to colors have been Maybelline Whisper in A Plum Prospect and Revlon ColorBurst in Fushia.
  • College best friends- My group of college best friends (plus my best friend since 8th grade) came to visit last weekend. We ate a lot of fatty foods, drank way too much, and had such a great time. I wish they all lived in Chattanooga, but at least we have a lot of weddings/showers/celebrations to look forward to this year!

  • Rock and Republic Ankle Boots- I broke my vow to only buy secondhand clothing for the rest of the year. But I broke it for a great reason. Look at these boots! I found them on sale for $29.99 at Kohls. They are super comfy and look good with skinny jeans, leggings, and wide leg jeans. I think I'm going to order the black pair, too. Here is a link to purchase them from the Kohl's website.

  • Running out of favorite products- I'm trying to go the entire year without purchasing any makeup products. So far, so good except I'm starting to run out of my favorite primer, foundation, and lip balm. THE HORROR.
  • Angry people- I'll admit it; I get really bad road rage. However, I try to contain it and do breathing exercises so I won't scream out profanities or scare my passengers. On Thursday (V-Day) I was going back to work after volunteering at a local high school and stopping by Sonic to get me something to eat. I hit a red light and stopped like I should have. I didn't notice a guy in the turning lane trying to turn left. Well I guess it was my fault that he couldn't get it...which wasn't even true because he got past me...and while he drove past he screamed STUPID EFFIN B**** three times. EXCUSE ME?!?!? I almost whipped my car into the parking lot to follow him but decided my hot dog and apple slices were more important. But seriously dude????
  • Over sharing on social media then complaining about it- This week I saw a girl post on Twitter and Instagram that she was going to surprise her boyfriend by traveling to see him. Well then someone told him. And she got mad. Why did you put that all over the internet for people to see???
What were your hearts and darts for the week?


  1. Those boots were worth breaking your vow :)
    Some people get crazy road rage, that is crazy!!!!


  2. Hearts = turquoise nail polish
    Darts = Snow Storm

    Love the idea of this post... :)