Friday, May 17, 2013

Hearts and Darts 5.17.13


  • The Great Gatsby and Silver Linings Playbook: Steven and I watched both movies this weekend. The Great Gatsby is a must-see with the over-the-top acting, beautiful costumes, and entertaining music selection. Silver Linings Playbook kept me cringing and laughing throughout the entire movie. Go see them!
  • Little sister's graduation: My little sister graduates high school today! She'll be attending college in Chattanooga in the fall which means we will finally be in the same city again. I can't wait to head home today to attend graduation and celebrate after.
  • Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light: Steven let me splurge on my birthday at Sephora, so I picked up one of the infamous lighting powders. I am obsessed! My acne scars and large pores look softer and my face doesn't get oily throughout the day. Review coming soon!
  • Iron pills: I was told to start taking iron pills after the doctor discovered I was anemic last week. They were fine the first week then all of the sudden starting making me nauseous and sick. I'm trying different things at the moment and hopefully the sickness will subside.
  • Rain on the weekends: For some reason in Chattanooga it has only been raining on the weekends. What's up with that?
What were your hearts and darts for the week?
 I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I may have to check out Gatsby, loved the book and I'm curious about they'll handle the core message of it.

    1. I think the movie did a great job sticking with the book and core message. I love the director, too, so I had to see it!

  2. The doctor had me taking iron too. It could hardly handle them. The nausea and stomach pains were unbearable. Try cutting them in half and taking a smaller dose.

    1. I'll try that. I really hope I can figure it out because I had so much energy taking them when I didn't feel like crap.