Friday, May 3, 2013

Hearts and Darts 5.3.13

  • It's finally May: I love the month of May. It's my birthday month and the weather in Tennessee is beautiful! Not to mention my little sister will be graduating this month!
  • Blue Bloods book series: I finally got around to reading all the Blue Bloods books this past month and I love them! They are young adult literature and give a new twist to other vampire series I've read before.
  • Roo cups: I feel like I'm almost a true Chattanoogan. I bought my first Roo cup! Roo cups are sold at Kangaroo gas stations during the summer. You buy a cup for $6.99 and get .25 refills for the summer. It's a pretty big deal here in Chattanooga, so after six years I finally caved in to see how wonderful they are.
  • School break: I'm free from the books until May 15 when I begin my two summer classes. I ended my semester with two Bs and one A!
  • Neighborhood sidewalks: I guess all the people in my neighborhood think it's perfectly ok to walk their dogs and let them poop everywhere on the sidewalks without cleaning it up. Just take a plastic bag with you. It's not that hard.
  • Summer wardrobe: I'm in desperate need of summer clothing!
  • Sock pile: Our sock pile just keep growing and growing. Why can't they magically pair themselves?!
What were your hearts and darts this week?


  1. Love the sound of the roo cup tradition! I am so jealous you are going into summer will be leaving vicariously through you while I battle out the winter here!