Friday, May 31, 2013

Hearts and Darts 5.31.13

  • Watermelon chunks- Watermelon season is upon us and I love it! I've been grabbing a large container of watermelon chunks every time I go to the grocery store to snack on at work.
  • Karaoke- I love to sing! During Memorial Day weekend, my best friend and I sang so much karaoke that I didn't have a voice for two days. We might have sounded awful, but who cares?
Us singing "No Scrubs"

  • Sunscreen- I have gone on a HUGE sunscreen kick lately which is awesome in the long run. I tan very easily but have decided to take my skin in consideration, especially since numerous family members have had skin cancer removed, and start slathering on sunscreen and making it a point to fake tan regularly. I was lucky enough to score one of Sephora's Sun Kits this season, so I have lots of sunscreens to choose from now.
  • Crazies- I normally have 0% crazies in my life. However, this week I experienced one who called me a "drunk" and "immature" and pretty much told me I was poor and would never amount to anything in life. Yeah. Ok. I work full-time, am going to school full-time to earn my graduate degree, and pay all my bills. But, yeah, you are totally right....CRAZY.
  • Airing your dirty laundry on social media-I would love to rant and rave and give details about something that happens to me....example--look above....but no one needs to hear about everything unless they are the other party involved or a close friend.  Blasting info about a divorce, who cheated on you, how trashed you got last night, etc. is just plain trashy.
  • No time to read- Summer classes are in full swing and now I have no time to read outside of school. Dan Brown's new book, Inferno, has been sitting on my coffee table for days looking lonely. 
What were your hearts and darts this week?


  1. I can't put Inferno down! Pretty good so far!

  2. I can't wait until I can start it. Hopefully it will be this weekend!

  3. I can't believe someone had the nerve to say that to you! Definitely says a lot about them and nothing about you! Glad to see there are a lot of good things happening too though :)

  4. Well, I always knew the person was a bit crazy, but always tried to be nice. After all that I think I'll just ignore them. Now it's just comical!

  5. You forgot to add swimming to the list!!!

  6. Pretty much the whole weekend was a success thanks to yall and good weather!!!

  7. Frozen watermelon?! That sounds delicious!

  8. This is such a cool section of your blog! I love it :) I have so many hearts and darts I can't even START (excuse the rhyme) to tell ya! But I also LOVE LOVE LOVE kareoke! I followed your blog, it's awesome! Feel free to check us out and follow back if you like what you see!