Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Review & Collection: Wet n Wild Megalast Lipsticks

If you have never used Wet n Wild products before let us please have a moment of silence.  **MOMENT OF SILENCE** You are missing out on some of the best drugstore cosmetics that are so inexpensive! I love their eyeshadows, new Coverall foundation, eyeliner pencil in taupe, and now their lipsticks!

Their Megalast lipstick line is made up of all matte lipsticks that cost a whopping $1.99 at your local Wal Mart, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, or anywhere else that carries the brand.

I currently own five colors which range from a deeper nude to a plum color.

These lipsticks are majorly pigmented. I dab the colors on my lips to produce a lighter look or can get a deep color with one swipe! I have no other matte lipsticks to compare these to, but I can say that they are not drying. However, if you do not properly exfoliate or moisturize your lips before they will make any flaky areas more noticeable.

The only other negative I have about the lipsticks are the fact that most of them break at their base within the first couple of uses. Now for $1.99 I won't complain too much, but it can be a hassle to make sure they don't completely fall out of the tube or get on my hands/purse when I am using them.

I honestly can't choose which color I own is my favorite! I probably wear Stoplight Red the most. It's my go-to red lipstick. The matte finish helps it stay on for most of the night which I love. Bare It All is a bit too dark of a nude to flatter my skintone, but I make it work with a gloss on top.

Supposedly, Sugar Plum Fairy is a dupe for MAC's Rebel lipstick. I don't own Rebel but from Googling, it does look almost identical. 

L-R Bare It All, Mauve Outta Here, Sugar Plum Fairy

L-R Don't Blink Pink, Stop Light Red

For so a low price I highly recommend Wet n Wild's Megalast lipsticks to everyone! 

What are your favorite inexpensive lipsticks? Am I missing out on any other fabulous Megalast colors??


  1. these look gorgeous, sadly Wet and Wild are almost impossible to get hold of in the UK! Amazing shades though, I have lots of Wet and Wild on my wishlist for next time I'm on holiday in the US x

    Stacey| Beautiful Solutions

    1. You definitely need to stalk up on WnW products when you come here. All there eyeshadows and lipsticks...heck I even love their .99 lipstick!

  2. I have heard very great things about these lipsticks. I am not much of a lipstick wearer, although I am trying to be! When I do wear lipstick I tend to carefully pick shades and brands.