Thursday, January 17, 2013

2013: A year of no new makeup or new clothing.

Today marks the 17th day in a row I haven't purchased a cosmetic item. I've even passed over free makeup from CVS. Why? One of my New Year's resolutions is to go the entire year without purchasing any new makeup. I need to start an inventory of my collection soon, like Beauty Reductionista does, to see all my products and decide what needs to be used up first. I know I have enough of everything, including mascara and concealer, to last me an entire year. I've never been one to buy something without doing research, even if it's from the drugstore, but the amount of everything I have it just too much for one person. 

I was looking at different sites of people who are participating in the same kind of challenges and stumbled across quite a few websites about people who either didn't buy any type of clothing for a year or only bought secondhand clothing for an entire year. I'm not a big clothes shopper. I would rather spend my money on going on to eat or buying makeup instead. Now that I'm on Weight Watchers and not buying makeup I have been clothes shopping much more than I normally would. I've only purchased two items this year, both for under $10 at Kohl's, but I don't want to feel the need to spend my money. So I think I am going to accept the challenge of only buying secondhand clothing for the entire year of 2013 with the exception of underwear. 

I've loved going to Goodwill since I was in high school. One time I even found the most beautiful green leather Dior luggage bag. It disappeared my freshman year of college. The memory still hurts. However, I still have a brand new black Coach satchel I found. That reminds me to go find that in my closet. It has zero scratches and I even checked to see if it was real and it was. Holllllla.

I am also going to challenge myself to only spend $100 (taxes included) on my clothing budget for 2013. However, I will accept clothing from my mother. She said she would buy me a new piece of clothing for every 10 pounds I lose, so I can't argue with that!

Have you listened to "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore? Makes me want to go to Goodwill and start digging through piles of people's old crap.

Are you a thrifter? I would love to learn your tips 
or hear what your best buy has been!


  1. Oh my gosh CC, I am super impressed! I am just not sure I would have the self control to do this, but I too am taking inventory of what I have and am trying to use things up before I buy anything new, I've discovered I'm particularly bad with lip products and body lotions, maybe I'll try and put myself on a ban from those for a while. Very inspiring!

    Zoe xx

    1. I just got to the point where I was buying things and then realized I have so many dupes in my collection. I'm really hoping this year will I will focus on my school and life stuff instead of shopping.

  2. wow this is amazing I respect you so much for this goal!

    new follower :)

  3. Thanks for the follow! I can't wait to check your blog out.

  4. Those are some great, but definitely challenging goals!

    I am trying super hard to not purchase any article of clothing until at least my graduation in June. I spend WAAAAY to much on clothing and need to chill out for a bit!


    1. I'm not a huge shopper anyways, so I'm not worried about the clothing challenge. However, I LOVE new makeup so this year should be interesting. Good luck on your personal challenge!