Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend recap. Thrifting failure. Lots of food.

My little sister came to stay with us for the weekend. It's nice when she's here because it means we have an excuse to eat out a lot and Munch (my 65 pound toddler pup) has someone to snuggle with, meaning Steven and I can stretch out on the bed alone.

I had one mission for Saturday: go thrifting and find some awesome things. Did that work out? Not for me. We went to a few places in the East Ridge and St. Elmo areas:
  • Salvation Army (East Ridge)
  • Thrift Warriors (East Ridge)
  • Second Blessing Thrift Store (East Ridge)
  • Collective Clothing (St. Elmo)

We started out day at Mean Mug Coffeehouse in the Southside area. Even though it's a short ways from my work I had never eaten there. I ordered a blueberry cinnamon roll and little sister ordered a regular cinnamon roll. Mine was gooey, hot, and delicious. The atmosphere inside is so cozy and Chattanooga. By Chattanooga I mean hipster, vintage chic. I will definitely be back soon. 

Then we headed over to Chattz Coffee to pick up oreo hot chocolates. I still love my Dunkin Donut's hot chocolate a little more but the service and atmosphere at Chattz is worth a stop.

We started out at the Salvation Army. My first find was a pair of Muck boots. They were in the men's section. I was disappointed when I saw they were a size 13/13.5 but then remembered my grandfather wears a similar size. Little sister called my grandmother and found out he wears a 13-13.5. Perfect. They were definitely used, but he's a farmer so all of his boots end up getting muddy. They retail for $119.95. I paid $6!

The exact pair of Muck Chore boots I found at Salvation Army.

I found some cute knick knacks I was tempted to buy but decided to put them back. I am going to start looking for decorating inspiration through blogs, magazines, and Pinterest before I buy decorating items.

Little sister ended up being a lucky winner when she found a Ralph Lauren women's flannel shirt. It cost her an expensive $6. I wish I would have seen it first... She wore it the next day with black leggings and brown boots. I should have taken a picture to show you all how cute it was.

We headed to the other shops on our list but didn't find anything spectacular. I keep reminding myself that one trip shouldn't get my down. I'm just so excited to find cute things!

On Sunday, we headed to the walking bridge with Munch in tow to enjoy the beautiful, sunny weather. Munch always enjoys the bridge because every now and then people will pet him and he seems to enjoy when all the small dogs bark at him. Munch is a pit mix, so a lot of people seem to be afraid of him. Thankfully, there are quite a few people that see how happy and sweet he is and comment on his good looks (he gets it from me). He even made a few dogs friends this weekend. His favorite part was ice cream from Clumpies.

I hope you all had a great weekend. Do anything fun?


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