Friday, January 25, 2013

Hearts and Darts 1.25.13


  • True Blood- I'm finally on season 3 of True Blood. Why have I just now noticed that Eric is so hot?! A big thanks to my local cable provider for finally allowing us to use HBOGo. Now I can catch up on all the HBO shows I missed.

  • Smiling- A smile goes a long way. Seriously. Don't let someone else's bad mood rub off on you. Just smile at them. Smile at a stranger. Feeling sick? Smile when the doctor walks in the room. It doesn't take that much effort.
  • The Blues Brothers- This movie randomly came on the other night while I was, so Steven and watched it. I just love this movie. It's funny and the music is awesome. I'm hoping Steven will agree for us to dress up as the brothers for Halloween.

  • My fur babies- I've had a lot of sinus trouble this week. On Wednesday I stayed home and went to the doctor. Well Mo, one of my inside cats, decided to dart out the back door at 6 am in the morning when I was letting Munch, our dog, out to use the bathroom. After I finally wrestled (yes, wrestled) him in I tried to lay down and get more sleep after being up all not. I guess Munch knew I felt bad because he WOULD NOT leave me alone. He wanted to lick me. Cuddle with me. Lay on me. I love him to death but I needed some space. Is this how parents of small children feel?!
  • Being sick- It just sucks. Hopefully the meds the doctor gave me will clear me up. If not I have to go back next week for some antibiotics.
What were your hearts and darts for the week?


  1. I love Tru Blood. Eric is soooo hot! He and Pam are my favorite characters/actors~

    1. I love them both too! I just finished the episode in season 3 where she thought he was going to die and was so upset. I cried.

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  5. I LOVE TRUE BLOOD!! I am reading the book series, where the show originated. There are like 13-15 books, I think!